DC/Langley AFB Pix!

I would like to preface these photos with a brief statement about my trip to Langley AFB and my experiences there!
I was unsure what type of reception I would receive after being retired for 22 years. Not to worry, I was treated like royalty.
I was also unsure how others would react to my wearing of the uniform after all this time, but it was what my son wanted.
I received many kudos from all for wearing it! From the 4-star general, 2 star general down the enlisted ranks to A1C.
NO ONE could have felt more welcome, more appreciated or more cared for than I did during my stay at Langley AFB!
I went to all the breakfasts with the nominees, the AF also paid for my lunch when we went on our Washington, DC trip.
They provided lunch each day when we were on base. The only meals I bought was when my son and I went out at night
after the days activities, and he insisted on paying for one of those. Some of our many base activities included a private
meeting with the ACC Vice-Commander, a 2-star general, and a private airshow demonstrating the flying and maneuvering
capabilities of the new F-22 fighter! WOW what an awesome aircraft. I have included pictures of the fighter and its pilot.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge my sincere, humble thanks and gratitude to all the people at Beale AFB, CA
and Langley AFB, VA for their hard work and the quick, efficient way they accomplished everything to get my visit to
Langley so I could visit my son, attend the banquet and see him receive his award! I will be forever grateful to all involved!

These first two pix are of the Norfolk Int'l Airport after my arrival Tuesday evening.

The USAF not only flew me to Virginia... They had transportation awaiting when I arrived!
This outstanding young man is A1C Brye McMillon. Outstanding appearance, military bearing, and personality!

Our first stop on our trip to Washington, DC was Arlington National Cemetary. This is the main entrance.

John F. Kennedy's gravesite and a view across part of Arlington with the Washington Monument and Capitol in the background.

The "Changing of the Guard" Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an experience to behold!

Georgers can appreciate this one of the Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving and the Capitol Building.

The 3800+ cherry trees were in full bloom. Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.

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