Amythest Loyce

I am a USAF retiree.   I spent one year in Southeast Asia but other than that I spent
my entire Air Force career in Minot, ND and Biloxi, MS.   After retiring from the USAF
I became an aircraft instrument repair technician.   I am now retired from that also.

I am a movie buff.   I especially like the old Classics with Fantasy/SF running a very close second.
My video collection consists primarily of these two catagories along with the Drama/Action movies.
My second love is books, where again my collection runs primarily to Fantasy & Science Fiction.

I have three children, two boys and a girl.   At present, none are living at home.
Amber was the State Jr. Watermelon Queen when in High school and was 1st runner-up in
national competition She teaches ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing and is currently
a Licensed Florida Real Estate Agent.   She has also received her State Insurance
Adjuster's License and is currently working on her College Degree in Business Management.
Since has received several awards from the realty company where she is employed
She is the youngest of the three.

Tony is the youngest son and has been an honor student from kindergarten through
high school, and college.    He is a member of the National Honor Society, Beta Club,
NEMA,  and listed in high school and college editions of "Who's Who", etc. and is a
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.   He teaches ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing.
At present, he is a Captain in the USAF and is stationed at Hill AFB in Utah.
He achieved the rank of Staff Sgt in his first four year enlistment while stationed at
Beale AFB, California.   Also during this time he served on the Base Honor Guard.
His devotion to his Honor Guard duties earned him the Air Combat Command's
"Honor Guardsman of the Year" award.   I (the proud dad) was honored to attend the
banquet at Langley AFB, Virginia.   He was then submitted to Air Force level and won
"Honor Guardsman of the Year", Air Force, worldwide.   I was once again the proud
dad honored to attend the banquet at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.
His dedication and devotion to the solemn duties earned him a Commendation Medal.
At Beale AFB he applied for Officer Training School and graduated with honors from
OTS at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.   A proud Mom pinned on his Lieutenant bars.
His job performance and devotion to his regular duties at Beale AFB earned him a second
Commendation Medal and a Combat Readiness Medal when reassigned to Brooks AFB, Texas.
He has since had a tour in Afghanistan and upon returning from that assignment, received an
assignment to South Korea. While in South Korea he was promoted to Captain. He is now back
in the U.S. and stationed in Utah. We hope to visit there in late spring or early summer

My oldest boy lives in Jacksonville, FL and thrives on interactive computer games and
on-line gaming with others.   He also is very good with computers.   I have been threatening
him with severe bodily harm if he doesn't get me some pictures to post here on my site. LOL

December 2000

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