In rememberance of Sep. 11, 2001

    We Will Remember!     


We've had our time of mourning,
And though we miss them still;
For now our tears are held inside,
We have a mission to fulfill.

Those who did this cowardly deed,
Will find no place to hide;
We will have our payment,
For our men and women who died!

JOS Jan 03, 2003


I would like to acknowledge and give credit to those who contributed to the memory and honor
of the victims and heros of our 9-11-01 tragedy. Most of the pictures I've used were passed
along to me via friends and contacts I've made on-line. Many are public domain, however,
some are not. Some I took from designers who offered them such as Ruth-Ann Mahaffey and
Creations By Dawn. I have many that have been passed on to me and no idea who made them.
If any belong to you or you know of someone, let me know and I will give credit or remove them
which ever you wish me to do. I wish for anyone paying tribute to have credit for their work.

Thanks to:

Ruth-Ann's "Moments of Memories"

Creations By Dawn